Managing users in Packagr

This section only applies to paid accounts. Additional users cannot be created for free accounts

About users

Every paid Packagr account can create up to 100 additional users who can create packages, download and install existing packages and (optionally) perform account management operations.

Users can be managed by clicking on the Users option in the left hand menu. Only users with admin-level access will be able to see this option in the interface and we able to perform user management functions

When you first subscribe to Packagr, your account will be created with admin-level access

Creating a new user

To create a new user, click on the Create new user tab at the top of the users view

You'll be asked to provide two pieces of information:

  • Email address: The email address of the new user - this value must be unique.
  • Admin access: Check this box to grant the user admin rights

Admin rights

A user with admin rights has the following additional privileges over regular users:

  • User creation and management
  • Access to the Admin view of the interface

The new user verification process

When you create a new user, they'll receive an email at the email address specified with a link to set their password and verify their account. The user cannot use their account until they have done this.

Managing existing users

You can click on the launch icon next to a user's name to manage that user account. From here, you can change their admin access status, and also reset their password - this will send an email to that user with a password reset link.

Deleting users

Users can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon next to their name