Upgrading your account

Users with admin-level access can view, manage, or upgrade their account details by clicking on the Acounts link in the left hand menu of the interface. From here, the following information is visible:

Account details

This section displays basic account information, such as the amount of your storage allowance that has been used and the number of packages create so far. You can also upgrade your Packagr account to a paid version from here, by clicking on the Change/manage plan button

Subscription details

If you have a paid account, you'll see the details of your subscription in this section, including subscription price details and your next billing date

Customer details

If you have a paid account, this section displays your account administrators billing name and address.


If you have a paid account, this section allows you to download your Packagr invoices. Your invoices will also be sent to the account administrator via email on the monthly payment date. Invoices will be sent from our subscription management provider, Chargebee. If you'd like these emails to be sent to anybody other than the account administrator, please email us at info@packagr.app to request this