Building and pushing to Packagr from TravisCI

If you use Gitlab and Travis-CI, you can easily integrate Packagr into your build process.

The Travis-CI config file

The travis.yml configuration file defines tasks that are executed when you push code to your linked Github repository. You can deploy to Packagr from Travis-CI using Travis-CI's native support for PyPI deployments

In order to do this, once you have linked your Travis-CI account to your Github repository, you can add the following to this config file:

language: python
  - "3.6"
  - python bdist_wheel
  provider: pypi

We've specified 3 environmentals above:


You'll need to define all three of these variables in the Travis-CI settings for your repository. For $PACKAGR_USERNAME, you should use your Packagr email address. You can retrieve your Packagr repository URL from the Packagr interface

There is a more detailed tutorial on how to setup a Github repository with Travis-CI and deploy to Packagr here