Managing access to your Packages

This secton is only relevant for users with a paid account

Public vs private packages

Packages in Packagr can either be public or private. If you use the Free tier of Packagr, you may only create public packages. Public packages can be installed by anybody who has your repository URL.

If you have a paid version of Packagr, you can create both public and private packages. By default, any packages that you create will be private. If required, you can change the status of a private package to public via the package view in the interface

About private packages

Private packages can only be installed by users who have access to do so. Access to package is based on Access tokens. When you publish a package to Packagr, an access token will be automatically generated for the user which will ensure that user can install the package when required. Access tokens are generated at a package level - you can see the list of access tokens by clicking on the Access tokens link in the package details area.

Creating access tokens

Note: in order to create access tokens, you must first create some additional user accounts

To allow another one of your users access to install a package, click on the Create new access token button from the package view. Creating an access token for a user will allow that user to see the package in the interface, and to download and install that package using pip.

About write access

Checking the Write access? checkbox when creating an access token will give the user full control over the package, i.e. they will be able to:

  • Publish new versions of the package
  • Delete existing versions of the package
  • Create and delete more access tokens for the package