Introduction to Packagr

What is Packagr?

Packagr is a package management tool for any organization that uses Python, which allows you to store, manage and distribute your private Python packages and Docker images. It provides:

  • A private Python package repository
  • A vulnerability scanner
  • A docker registry

Packagr integrates seamlessly with your existing CI/CD processes, and can be used to centralize your Python development workflows from end to end.


Package management

Packagr is fully compliant with standard Python packaging libraries such as pip and twine. It allows you to store and distribute your private code among your team with the minimum of fuss.

Security scanning

Packagr automatically monitors your Python package's dependencies, and alerts you whenever it finds a vulnerability in a dependency of your code.

Docker registry

By having it own Docker registry, Packagr aims to become the one-stop shop for all your Python distribution needs

CI/CD integration

Packagr can be easily integrated with any CI/CD provider - its very easy to set Packagr up to build and store your code with every push.

Team management

Packagr allows you to add up to 100 team members to every account, and provides total control over which team members should have read/write access to each package.


Packagr is working towards becoming a package manager for all forms of software development. We'll soon be adding support for the following package formats:

  • Conda
  • NPM
  • Ruby Gems
  • Maven
  • Golang